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  Quest has been representing foreign companies in India since 1996. We fulfill various requirements of clients by providing project consultancy services and IT-enabled solutions. Our clients have entrusted us with several projects based on our professional and timely handling of business.  
The Insuladd - Energy Saving Paint Technology has been developed by using a superfine white powdered ceramic material specifically engineered through Nano-Technology directly as a Research & Development spin-off with NASA (Leaders in Heat Transfer Technology), to improve the effective insulation of any surface to which it has been applied on. Once applied, it acts as a radiant heat-reflecting barrier that improves comfort, reduces heating and cooling requirements and dampens ambient noise. By adding this technology, heat gets reflected back to its source to increase comfort and decrease energy cost.
Key Features:
Creates More Energy Efficient Buildings
Non-toxic / Environmentally Friendly
Dampens Ambient Noise
Helps prevent Mold & Mildew
This product is widely used as a heat transfer solution for various Sectors such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc. The product helps in dissipation of radiated heat back to its source. This technology was developed when NASA was trying to find a solution for the re-entry of their space shuttles into the Earth's Atmosphere.

The objective of this technology is to help buildings / structures become energy efficient. The popular opinion today is that the higher the R-Value, the better the insulation. Today, the conventional bulk insulation helps protect from conducted heat but not radiated heat.

For example: in summer - if applied on the exterior surfaces (of any building structure) it radiates the heat back into the environment, therefore resisting the transfer of heat through the structure, which would help in keeping the insides of the building cool. In the same way, during winter - if applied on the interior surfaces (of any building structure) it would help retain the radiated heat within the structure, therefore keeping the inside of the building warm.

Insuladd decreases both the loss of valuable heat in the winter and the gain of unwanted heat in the summer. This Non-Toxic product's application can be done either with a spray gun, roller or brush. No special technique is required.