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  Quest has been representing foreign companies in India since 1996. We fulfill various requirements of clients by providing project consultancy services and IT-enabled solutions. Our clients have entrusted us with several projects based on our professional and timely handling of business.  
Whether a golf course superintendent, a landscape professional or a commercial grower, maintaining green and healthy turf grass, trees, shrubs, ornaments and bedding plants in no easy task – even under nearly ideal conditions.

Hydretain - a revolutionary new chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf. Its patented blend of liquid Humectant and Organic Hygroscopic compounds attract free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix and efficiently transfers them into the roots of plants. This simple mechanism results in healthy, vigorous and drought resistant turf, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and agriculture designed to manage soil moisture between irrigation and rainfall.

Hygroscopic: Absorbing or Attracting moisture from the air Humectant: A substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain moisture The combination of these two components, create a sub-surface film, which absorbs and stores moisture on plant roots and soil particle surfaces. Hydretain acts like tiny water magnets, making available to plant roots microscopic moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.

A key concern in maintaining proper moisture levels at the roots so your plants have what they need to remain healthy without the risk of over watering. When conditions are dry we often increase watering frequency and volume to compensate. This can be quite costly and ineffective due to a number of factors beneath the soil surface. Understanding these factors is vital to moisture management at the roots where it counts the most. Individual water molecules, as vapor or humidity in the soil, are not usable by plant roots and are constantly being lost to evaporation when plant roots are untreated, but with Hydretain treated roots, water molecules are attracted forming plant-usable droplets on treated root hairs.

Hydretain is not a wetting agent, surfactant super absorbent polymer or plant food ingredient.
Benefits of Hydretain:
Eliminate or Minimize Drought Stress
Reduce Overall Watering Requirements
Enhance Nutrient & Pesticide Efficiency
Control or Eliminate Localized Dry Spots
Improve Transplant Establishment
Increase Seed Germination
Maximize Crop Grow-in
Extend Retail Shelf Life
Hydretain was originally developed as a road dust suppressant in Australia