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  Quest has been representing foreign companies in India since 1996. We fulfill various requirements of clients by providing project consultancy services and IT-enabled solutions. Our clients have entrusted us with several projects based on our professional and timely handling of business.  
Son of the erstwhile President of India - Dr Shanker Dayal Sharma, he is not one to rest on his privileged lineage. Data, products, tea, insurance, threads, carpets- his high point was the successful collaboration he set up between the Modi group of companies and the German airline- Lufthansa resulting in MODILUFT- the private domestic airline which was to become India’s number one airline! The airline, amazingly went from conception to inception in three months flat! A cerebral professional, he has had the opportunity to interact with a large number of transnational corporations across the globe to understand and absorb the intricacies of international business practices.
A multifaceted person he brings to the table a rich residue of wide–ranging experience across diverse disciplines. Be it designing a path-breaking range of footwear at World’s leading footwear giant- Bata India Ltd or at Jokai India Ltd as Tea Estate Manager at the plantations, producing world-class bouquet teas for the international markets. Later at Ashra Farm Pvt. Ltd., he initiated the breeding of milch bovines with foreign strains from US World Wide Sires, USA, to help the Indian Dairy Industry with better stocks and achieve higher milk yields from successful cross-breeding. As General Manager at ModilLuft Airline, he was instrumental in facilitating and setting up of the airline in India in 2003, heading crucial areas like Administration, Human Resource, Aviation Security, Planning and Aircraft Leasing & Purchase. He has been in the Database Industry since 1996 and has worked with many US/European companies. He was Country Head of infoUSA Inc., providing Database Services to Global Companies for over a decade and a half. - He has done it all! A hands on professional, rooted and global in one swoop, his perspective remains invaluable.